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Exclusive Coaching Services

As an RMT are you unsure how to continue earning while dealing with a repetitive strain injury? Feeling uneasy about a contract you are reviewing for a clinic position you are considering? What are some options when dealing with a difficult patient? What are the pros and cons of moving your practice to a nearby city? How can you best organize your books so you can manage your year end taxes? These are some of the questions Sue has helped therapists navigate over the past couple of decades in her lengthy career.


Having an experienced bodywork coach can help improve your practice manually, administratively and when making career decisions. Sometimes it's a big help just to have someone to bounce ideas around with.

Sue has been working in the bodywork field for more than 25 years, in many capacities. She built a large successful clinic from nothing across 17 years, has been in her own exclusive private practice for more than 14 years, was a subcontractor for 4 years in different work environments and also made house calls for 14 years. Clearly some of these time frames overlapped. 

Sue does not offer legal advice however she has worked with a team of lawyers and an HR company in her years of being a clinic owner and can share her wide base of knowledge with you.

Coaching Fees

Biomechanical Coaching Fees

Intro to Biomechanics: Sue's regular fee of $150/hr +HST

Additional Time:

15 minute increments: $37.50 +HST

Full Series Biomechanical Coaching

8 Sessions: $2000 +HST ($250 / session)


One on One Coaching Fees

60 minutes $150 +HST

15 minute increments: $37.50 +HST

Small Groups Coaching Fees

60 minutes $150 +HST

15 minute increments: $37.50 +HST

Clinic Owner Coaching Fees

60 minutes $150 +HST

15 minute increments: $37.50 +HST

For larger projects such as help purchasing, set up / contracts / etc... amount would be determined and agreed upon.

Biomechanical Training

Learn how to use your body to prevent injuries or work safely around an injury so you can continue to earn and avoid burnout, down time and income loss.

Intro to Biomechanics: 3 - 90 minute sessions + additional time of 30 minutes for theory on the first day / 2 people minimum / Monday - Thursday availability / 1 week apart for 3 weeks

  • focus on BNS (back / neck / shoulders) in prone

  • learn the three layers of depth and conditions they are best suited for

  • learn how to use your body with little effort for excellent results

Full Series Biomechanical Training: 8 - 4.5 hour sessions + an extra 30 minutes for theory on the first day (not charged as additional time) / 4 people minimum / 2 four day long weekends (Friday - Monday) 1-2 weeks apart

  • Session 1: Routine and Superficial Layer work - BNS

  • Session 2: Moderate Layer work - BNS

  • Session 3: Deep Layer work - BNS

  • Session 4: Shiatsu - BNS

  • Session 5: Limbs and HNS (Head / Neck / Shoulders) supine

  • Session 6: Pacing

  • Session 7: Sidelying

  • Session 8: Tips and Tricks


Additional time can be organized for focus sessions.


One on One Coaching

Interested in some hands on technique refinement? Have questions about a clinic position or solo practice you are considering? Need ideas about how to set up your administrative systems for less time spent on "paperwork" tasks? Any and all questions welcome. In person and virtual sessions available. 


Small Groups Coaching

Have a small group of colleagues who are working through questions about their practice? Set up an in person or virtual meet so you can all be in on the conversation together and hear everyone's questions and answers.


Clinic Owner Coaching

Looking to hire an RMT(s)? Wondering where to advertise for best traction? What are the best compensation models and what may suit your situation best? What are strong interview strategies to find the best RMT for your business? What should an RMT contract include and not include to attract the best candidates? How can you build a positive culture to better retain your RMTs? All these questions and more can be explored for those who need some help building their team.

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Let's Work Together

These services are not available through online booking, instead please email Sue directly to discuss your requests. Coaching agreements will be in place for every arrangement.

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