The Space


My office is located in a shared working co-op called Spaces. I have a private suite however the reception lounge is a shared space for all the people who work on location. There is plenty of room to arrive early and relax in the reception lounge while you wait for your appointment.

There are several bathrooms on every floor, a café in the reception lounge (currently closed due to COVID) and lots of open natural light.

The building and suites are up to code including elevators and wheelchair accessibility as well as the most up to date HVAC system with HEPA filters.

If your appointment is before 9am I will meet you in the foyer of the building at street level, by the elevator. For appointments 9am or later I will meet you on the second floor in the reception lounge. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early so we have the optimal amount of time for your appointment.

Please email me for parking options on the local residential streets, should you need.